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Fire Safety for Bundaberg

Click to read about how this Australia Wide Company Began Right Here in Hervey Bay

Electrical Services, Fire Safety, Protection, Prevention and Compliance

FCF Fire and Electrical Services started in the Wide Bay, when Jacob Foster and his wife Kerri opened their business in 2008.

Now one of 10 offices throughout Queensland, our Wide Bay office employs a great team of technicians, all licensed and up-to-date with the latest technology and standards. Most importantly, we take pride in the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services.

Based on the Fraser Coast with a warehouse stocking a complete range of fire protection and electrical equipment we are well situated to cover the Wide Bay region and everywhere in between!

So if you want the job done right the first time, FCF Fire and Electrical Bundaberg is your one-stop shop for electrical services, fire safety, protection, prevention and compliance.

Fire Safety Bundaberg - Why it is so important

The Responsibility Employers Face Regarding Safety Issues

Fire Safety is an important consideration for anyone, but particularly for business owners. They have to be concerned not just with the protection of their investment, but the safety of their employees and any customers or clients that may be on the property at the time of an emergency. Fire Safety Standards have been established to assist them with being prepared for any situation that may present itself.

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection Services include suppression systems, smoke and heat detectors, and portable fire extinguishers that every company must invest in for their location. These will need to be inspected regularly and re-inspected after repair if necessary. Commercial Fire Protection will vary depending on the size of the business and type of industry they are involved with. Additional equipment may be needed and could include, but not be limited to, fire blankets, breathing apparatus, and fire hose, and reels with accessible hydrants.

Understanding Evacuation Procedures

An evacuation plan must be in place, in writing, and made familiar to every employee. Multiple plans may be needed depending on the nature of the emergency. It is expected that all businesses be prepared for fire, injuries and rescue operations. Hazardous spills, bomb threats and armed confrontations, as well as all types of natural disasters, should also be considered. Every employee must be familiar with the process of handling these situations. This includes identifying the situation, assessing the risks, and implementing the plan for control, containment, or evacuation.

Providing Employee Fire Safety Training

Employee Fire Safety training is probably the most important training that any company will provide because it is the most common hazardous scenario. All employees should be trained at the time they are hired to know how to handle small fires and be aware of when they must evacuate. All evacuation plans should be familiar to every employee, and random drills should be performed. Refresher courses and first aid classes should be standard training for everyone.

The Health & Safety Act

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1984 established codes of practice that help any business owner to understand what their responsibility is in regards to keeping individuals safe in every circumstance. All business owners and supervisors must be familiar with these codes in order to remain compliant with the law. While it is never possible to prevent all accidents, these laws help to save many lives every year. The more comfortable members of management are with these procedures and regulations, the better the chances are for avoiding any type of costly tragedy.

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FCF National Fire & Electrical Services

Electrical Tag & Test

Portable Testing can literally save lives. We can detect if there are any Electrical faults lurking in your Equipment which may create a hazard.

Fire Extinguishers

Such an important part of any Fire Safety Strategy. Fire Extinguishers save lives. We can supply, Install and Service Fire Extinguishers for your Business Today.

Commercial Fire Compliance

We understand the laws and regulations that are in place to ensure you are legally safe as a business. We can help you with your commercial Fire Compliance requirements.


Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire Hydrants are an important part of Fire Safety that need to be regularly serviced and maintained so they are fully functioning in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

In critical situations visibility can be affected by smoke and malfunctioning electrics. Emergency Exit Lights become so important in these situations so it is critical that they are serviced and maintained.

Smoke Detectors Bundaberg

Smoke Detectors are especially important in motels and hotels as they alert people to the threat of an imminent fire when they are sleeping. We ensure they are fully functioning in the case of an emergency.

Fire Protection Bundaberg News

Effective Ways of Teaching Fire Drills to Kids at Child Care Centres

Working in child care centres can be fun and challenging at the same time; challenging in a way that teaching kids requires a lot of skill and patience. When it comes to teaching emergency evacuation procedure in child care centre, there are definite methods that...

A Guide to Fire Safety and Evacuation Training for Medical Centres

Did you know that only less than 50% of building occupants know what to do in an emergency? The alarming number signifies the need for building safety managers to reassess whether they meet the requirements for emergency evacuation policy and procedures in medical...

Bundaberg Emergency Fire Evacuation Plans Save Lives

Emergency Evacuation Plans are important as they keep staff and customers calm in an emergency. Every business should have an emergency fire evacuation plan in place to ensure complete safety and compliance for their business.

Fire Door Regulations in Bundaberg

Fire doors are an often overlooked piece of Fire Safety Equipment. There are a number of important regulations which cover the servicing, maintenance and correct use of Fire Doors for Businesses. We can help your business ensure it is in line with all laws and regulations when it comes to the use of Fire Doors.

RCD Testing Requirements

What are the RCD Testing Requirements for an Australian Based Business? It is important to know your obligations as an employer when it comes to RCD Testing. This will ensure you provide a safe workplace and that you fulfil your legal obligations as an employer.

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